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David Morgan

David Morgan is a journalist and editor who has engaged in extended dialogues with such internationally renowned filmmakers as Terry Gilliam and Martin Scorsese, writing on film production and media issues for the Los Angeles Times, Newsday, Metropolis, Sight & Sound, Empire, The Independent, Blitz, Max [France], Ciak si Gira [Italy], Bild [Germany], Flix [Japan], and Movies [Australia]. He has also contributed to such trade publications as The Hollywood Reporter, American Cinematographer, Millimeter, Cinefex and The American Bar Association Journal.

He is a senior producer at CBSNews.com, and for "CBS Sunday Morning." He has also been a producer for ABCNEWS.com, and managing editor at environmentaldefense.org.

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    Morgan also co-produced and wrote the interactive supplementary sections of The Criterion Collection's laserdisc, DVD and Blu-ray editions of Terry Gilliam's BRAZIL, THE ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN, and TIME BANDITS, documenting and analyzing the production of those films, analyzing script drafts, animating storyboards, and recording audio commentary.

    He is author and/or editor of a series of film books for Avon/HarperCollins, including MONTY PYTHON SPEAKS! (1999), a history of the British comedy troupe; John Anderson's SUNDANCING (2000), a snapshot of the Sundance Film Festival; and KNOWING THE SCORE, featuring conversations with many of Hollywood's leading composers, including Elmer Bernstein, Philip Glass, Carter Burwell, John Corigliano, David Raksin, Mychael Danna, Michael Kamen and Jocelyn Pook (2000). He also contributed to The Movies: Preserving America's Film Treasures for the Library of Congress.

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    He has worked as a copywriter and editor for Bantam Doubleday Dell, Simon & Schuster Interactive, BDD Audio and Penguin Audio, and as a magazine editor and writer.

    Morgan has also written fiction and several feature-length and short-form screenplays (both solo and in collaboration); his first solo script was a finalist for the Sundance Screenwriters' Lab. He also performed improv comedy at Rutgers University.

  • You may find several scripts posted at TriggerStreet.com.

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