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The 10 best films of 2019
('s David Morgan picks the year's top movies, from stylish dramas and unconventional comedies to innovative documentaries. (12/31/2019)

"2001: A Space Odyssey" turns 50

On April 2, 1968, Stanley Kubrick's masterful science fiction film "2001: A Space Odyssey" had its world premiere in Washington, D.C. The movie, whose audacious narrative and stunning imagery continues to influence filmmakers, will be re-released in theatres in May.'s David Morgan reports. (4/01/2018)

The 10 best films of 2017
('s David Morgan picks the year's top movies, from epic adventures and affecting character studies to innovative (even fake) documentaries. (1/02/2018)

Music out of time in "Dawson City: Frozen Time" (in stereo)

For In the documentary "Dawson City: Frozen Time," a treasure of decades-old silent films, buried in the frozen earth of the Yukon for several decades, is uncovered and restored, telling the story not only of early cinema but also of the shifting fortunes of the gold prospecting town whose birth coincided with the birth of movies. Composer Alex Somers talked with CBS News' David Morgan about the ethereal, haunting music score he created for the film's unique soundscape. (Headphones recommended.) (6/30/2017)

The 10 best films of 2016
('s David Morgan picks the year's top movies, from indie favorites, blockbusters and arthouse fare to compelling documentaries.(12/29/2016)

The best films of 2015

CBS News' David Morgan picks the best films of the past year, from blockbusters and indie hits to foreign favorites, documentaries and esoteric gems. (01/04/2016)

45 films snubbed by Oscar

Between 1927 (when the Academy Awards were initiated) and 2015, more than 500 films have been nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. CBS News' David Morgan reminds us of just some of the many undisputed classics that were not recognized by their peers at the time of their release. (01/17/15)

In the 70mm IMAX projection booth with "Interstellar" (

Director Christopher Nolan's futuristic sci-fi spectacle is receiving a rare theatrical release on old-school, large-format film stock.'s David Morgan enters the projection booth where the new IMAX movie is being screened in 70mm. (11/07/14)

Nominees for movie stunt awards

Stunt people don't get Oscars, but they are honored at the annual Taurus World Stunt Awards.'s David Morgan looks at this year's nominees in the category of Best Specialty Stunt. (04/13/14)

Coming soon: The evolution of movie trailers (

In a world . . . of hyped-up movie advertising comes one video that dares to tell the truth about the history of coming attractions. (02/25/11)

"Drive" director: Art is an act of violence (

Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn says Harrison Ford and some medication were key to his first meeting with Ryan Gosling, star of "Drive." He talks about violence in his films, and actress Carey Mulligan. (09/18/11)

"The Seven-Ups" car chase

The car chase from this 1973 police thriller is one of the most celebrated in movie history, but closer examination reveals errors that are jarring to anyone familiar with New York City geography. And just how many times can a car pass through the SAME intersection? Well, LOTS! Here is a shot-by-shot analysis of the chase - and how it's all over the map. (10/20/11)

Bernard Herrmann at 100

June 29, 2011 marked the 100th birthday of Bernard Herrmann whose classic scores ("Citizen Kane," "The Day the Earth Stood Still," "Psycho," "Taxi Driver") forever changed how we listen to movies. (06/29/11)

Overused Movie Cliches:
The "Unflinching Walk"

That perennial of action movies and revenge flicks: The unflinching walk, usually of the protagonist walking unfazed from an explosion or fireball without looking back. (07/16/11)

"Lord of the Rings" Plays Radio City

Conductor Ludwig Wicki leads the 21st Century Orchestra in rehearsals for a live "projection concert" of "The Two Towers," and discusses Howard Shore's music and the technical challenges keeping the 300 players in sync with the film. (10/09/10)

B-roll Footage From "Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers" Rehearsals

This is some of the B-roll I shot in October 2010 of Ludwig Wicki conducting the 21st Century Orchestra and Dessoff Symphonic Choir during rehearsals for the "Two Towers" concert at Radio City. The footage was for my video report posted on (08/25/11)

"Star Wars" Fans'
15 Seconds of Fame (

A feature written and edited for on an interactive site devoted to remaking "Star Wars" one tiny bit at a time. has won a passionate following - and an Emmy. (9/03/10)

Children of the "Rings"

For a special screening of "The Fellowship of the Ring" with music performed live by 300 musicians and singers, composer Howard Shore and I listened in as the Brooklyn Youth Chorus practiced their Elvish. (10/04/09)

The Charlie Poole Project

Interviews and performance clips of singer/songwriter Loudon Wainwright III and producer/songwriter Dick Connette about "High Wide & Handsome," a country/bluegrass journey evoking the rambling, tragically short life of a "rapscallion" 1920s banjo player. (1/03/10)

Monty Python 40th Anniversary Reunion

Excerpts from the Pythons' appearance at New York's Ziegfeld Theatre, October 15, 2009.

Also, on Youtube, from my Python research:

Monty Python Fund Drive Spots for PBS Chicago (1975)
Terry Jones and Graham Chapman shot these fundraising spots in Chicago for PBS station WTTW.

Choreographed Conservative Party Sketch (1973)
This sketch was cut by the BBC from the opening of episode 38 of "Monty Python's Flying Circus" when a 1970s U.K. repeat aired too close to an election, and was never re-inserted.

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The Sounds of a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Reconstruction of original STAR WARS and EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 70mm audio tracks

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