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Russia: Don't turn Syria into another Iraq - Specter of the Iraq war looms large over escalating U.S. involvement in Syria's civil war amid reports of chemical weapons use. CBSNews.com (08/25/13)

Red Cross: Torture Committed At CIA Sites - Secret report accuses intelligence agency of "cruel, inhuman and degrading" treatment of high-profile detainees. CBSNews.com (3/16/09)

The Cheney Exit Interview - The departing vice president on Iraq, executive powers, and why Obama needs to keep Gitmo. Face The Nation / CBSNews.com (1/04/09)

Shoe Protests Around The World - Photo essay of myriad demonstrations in the wake of the notorious hurling of shoes against President Bush. CBSNews.com (12/20/08)

Palin: Probe Exonerated Me - Despite a legislative report's finding that she had broken state ethics law in the scandal dubbed Troopergate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said that the report actually cleared her of any "legal wrongdoing or unethical activity." CBSNews.com (10/12/08)

One Person's Flip Is Another's Flop - A candidate's changing position is a sign of opportunism, (No, its leadership!) Face The Nation / CBSNews.com (6/22/08)

"Mission Accomplished," 5 Years Later - Since Bush declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq, nearly 4,000 more U.S. troops have died. CBSNews.com (5/01/08)

Bush Again Demands Telecom Immunity - How do class action lawsuits against telecom companies factor into future intelligence gathering? CBSNews.com (2/23/08)

Bush Will Veto Ban On Torture - The president vowed to veto an intelligence authorization bill that would prohibit the CIA from waterboarding detainees; Sen. John McCain, once tortured himself, sides with the White House. CBSNews.com (2/14/08)

Bush Spy Bill Stance Called Fear-Mongering - Critics blast the president for saying that failure to grant retroactive immunity to telecoms that assisted the government in warrantless wiretapping will lead to a terror attack that would make 9/11 "pale by comparison." CBSNews.com (2/14/08)

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, On Foot - A 60-year-old professor from Vermont walks 480 miles to deliver a message of impeachment to the nation's capital, but once there, he finds that D.C. is not like a Frank Capra film. CBSNews.com (1/27/08)

Bush "Veto" Cancels Bonuses For Troops - Congressional critics say the pocket veto of a defense spending bill is invalid; meanwhile, troops are shortchanged. CBSNews.com (1/04/08)

Reid Sets Stage For Telecom Immunity Fight - The Senate prepares to debate two competing Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)

bills, one of which would provide immunity to phone companies who facilitated the government's warrantless wiretaps on U.S. citizens. CBSNews.com (12/15/07)

Petraeus Slammed Again, From The Right - After being labeled "General Betray Us" by a progressive organization's newspaper ad, prompting denunciations by conservative figures, the American commander in Iraq is now called a "sycophant" by a conservative magazine. CBSNews.com (10/01/07)

Bush v. the Clean Air Act - Details the administration's efforts to roll back pollution laws, to replace with new rules more favorable to the energy industry. environmentaldefense.org (4/03/04)

Campaign Watchdog: Electioneering Hijinks and Voter Fraud - A 3-part series on questionable campaign tactics employed on the street, on the airwaves, via cellphone and in parking lots nationwide. ABCNEWS.com (November 2000)

  • Part One (unformatted pdf file)
  • Part Two (unformatted pdf file)
  • Part Three (ABCNews.com archive)

    E-mail Hoax Dupes N.Y. Senate Debaters - Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio agreed on one thing: They would oppose Federal Bill 602P, a tax on Internet e-mails. Which is good, because Federal Bill 602P doesn't exist. ABCNEWS.com (10/08/00)

    Climate and Air Quality

    Is EPA Playing Dirty With Clean Air Law? - Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and others announce they will sue the Environmental Protection Agency, which refused to allow California to enact cleaner auto emissions restrictions than what the federal government already has. CBSNews.com (12/21/07)

    Global Warming Skeptics: A Primer - Details of media spokespeople who deny the causes and effects of global warming, and their trail of funding by ExxonMobil. environmentaldefense.org (3/03/05)

    Kyoto a 'Go' - Story on Russia's adoption of the Kytoto Protocol. environmentaldefense.org (9/30/04)


    "Not One Drop Of Oil Spilled"? Not Quite - Advocates of increasing offshore oil drilling have repeated the talking points that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused no environmental damage when they decimated the oil infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico in 2005. But they're wrong. CBSNews.com (7/19/08)

    U.N.: Tasers Are A Form Of Torture - Police use of stun guns came under fire after six deaths in a week, and after a U.N. committee called their use an act of torture. CBSNews.com (11/25/07)

    What Price FreedomCAR? The Promises and Pitfalls of Trying to Put 'Supercars' on the Road - Examines the myths surrounding hydrogen fuel cells as a harbinger of emission-free automobiles. environmentaldefense.org (6/02/04)

    2001: A Space Odyssey - How Much Did the Filmmakers Get Right? - Compares the 21st Century of Stanley Kubrick's landmark film with the reality of today. ABCNEWS.com (12/23/00) (Internet Archive cache)

    Film and Media

    Landmarks in Dolby Stereo films - With the passing of audio pioneer Ray Dolby, we look at and listen to movies that changed the way audiences hear soundtracks. (Headphones required!) CBSNews.com (09/13/13)

    John Williams returning for next "Star Wars" - Producers announce Oscar-winning composer of first six adventures in a "galaxy far, far away" will be back for Episode VII. CBSNews.com (07/27/13)

    Roger Ebert's 10 greatest films of all time - Excerpts from reviews of the films the critic offered for the 2012 Sight & Sound poll of greatest movies. CBSNews.com (04/08/13)

    Nat'l Recording Registry adds Joplin, Simon & Garfunkel - Performances by Pink Floyd, The Ramones and Van Cliburn, and news reports from D-Day are marked for preservation by the Library of Congress. (With audio samples) CBSNews.com (03/21/13)

    Sony exec: "Zero Dark Thirty" does not advocate torture - Studio rejects criticism from actor-activist who called on Academy members to reject film because of what he called its "easy tolerance of torture." CBSNews.com (01/12/13)

    Oscars: Bigelow, Hooper snubs not unusual - Directors of Oscar-nominated "Zero Dark Thirty," "Les Miserables" not alone in missing out on nominations themselves. CBSNews.com (01/10/13)

    "Lincoln," "Life of Pi" lead Oscar race - "Argo," "Les Mis," "Zero Dark Thirty" and "Django Unchained" among this year's Best Picture nominees. CBSNews.com (01/10/13)

    "Matrix," "Tiffany's" named to National Film Registry - "A Christmas Story," "Dirty Harry," Laurel & Hardy and NFL Films among other movie classics to be preserved by Library of Congress. CBSNews.com (12/19/12)

    N.Y. film critics pick "Zero Dark Thirty" as year's best - "Lincoln" actors Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field, Rachel Weisz and Matthew McConaughey other big winners in first major precursor to the Oscars. CBSNews.com (12/03/12)

    Acclaimed cinematographer Harris Savides dies - Had worked with such visually renowned directors as David Fincher, Ridley Scott, Gus Van Sant and Sofia Coppola. CBSNews.com (10/12/12)

    Monty Python at 40: Not Dead Yet - The five surviving members of Python (plus a cardboard cutout of Graham Chapman) are honored in N.Y.C. and regaled by a 10-year-old girl reciting the Spanish Inquisition; with retrospective photo essay. CBSNews.com (10/16/09)

    Children of the "Rings" - For a special live screening of "Fellowship of the Ring," composer Howard Shore discusses the contribution of language to his "Lord of the Rings" scores, as members of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus practice Elvish lyrics; with video. CBSNews.com (10/04/09)

    "Terminator" Is Back, For Keeps - The invincible robot is inducted into the Library of Congress' National Film Registry. CBSNews.com (12/30/08)

    Oscar Lore: Take A Trivia Test! - You think you know your Academy Award trivia? Now's your chance to prove it! CBSNews.com (2/22/08)

    30 Years Ago, A Saga Is Born - Photo essay celebrates the creation of the original "Star Wars" and its premiere on May 25, 1977. CBSNews.com (5/24/07)

    Terry Gilliam Sounds Off - The director of Brazil blasts the Bush administration for "re-making" his Orwellian comedy about terrorism and an authoritarian government. CBSNews.com (10/06/06)

    What's Running on Cupid's Video Player? - Guide to Valentine's Day Film Rentals. - ABCNEWS.com (2/10/01) (Internet Archive cache)

    Autumn Chills - Roundup of classic examples of horror cinema for Halloween. ABCNEWS.com (10/30/00; UPDATED 10/24/05, SLIDESHOW LIVE! -- click on Halloween Horror Classics)

    Building a Better Rome - Behind the scenes of "Gladiator"'s Oscar-nominated visual effects. ABCNEWS.com (2/23/01) (Internet Archive cache)

    Other News

    Man Kills Suspects While On Phone With 911 - The 911 call came from a Pasadena, Tex., resident, who alerted police to two burglary suspects on a neighbor's property. Before he hung up, two men were dead by his hand. CBSNews.com (11/17/07)


    Ecuadorian Rainforest Wins Reprieve from Bulldozers - Environmental Defense Solutions (5/01/06) (pdf)

    Paradise Regained? New Study Shows Hetch Hetchy Can Be Restored - Environmental Defense / discoverhetchhetchy.org (8/19/04) (Internet Archive cache)

    Sabor River Be Dammed! - Feature article on Portuguese wild river whose waterway and floodplain is under threat from a proposed hydroelectric dam, supported by - of all people - the Environment Minister. environmentaldefense.org (3/23/04)

    Palmyra Atoll Purchased by Conservation Group - ABCNEWS.com (5/04/00) (pdf)

    Environmental Justice

    Funding Poverty: An Interview with Stephanie Fried - Background on corruption in the Asian Development Bank and its role in deteriorating conditions facing Third World communities. environmentaldefense.org (7/29/03)

    Washington Watch: No Summer Vacation for Foes of Environment - Sample column on administration and Congressional actions which jeopardize the environment and public health. environmentaldefense.org (6/30/03)

    2002: How the Earth Fared - Year-end review of major news and developments in climate, ecosystems, oceans, species and health. environmentaldefense.org (12/27/02) (pdf)

    Snowmobiles: Weak EPA Rules Will Derail Attempts to Curb Pollution - The battle between conservationists and business and recreational interests at Yellowstone National Park. environmentaldefense.org (9/13/02)


    The Concorde: How the Future of Aviation Became Sadly Dated - A history and post-mortem of the Anglo/French supersonic jet following the crash of an Air France Concorde. ABCNEWS.com (7/25/00) (pdf)

    Exploring the Next Generation of SSTs - New developments in supersonic and sub-orbital flight. ABCNEWS.com (7/26/00) (Internet Archive cache)


    Philadelphia: Unconventional Doings at Convention Time - ABCNEWS.com (7/18/00) (Internet Archive cache)

    In Living Color: Fall Foliage On the Web - ABCNEWS.com (9/22/00) (Internet Archive cache)

    Travel Timeline - Sample of a weekly column spotlighting festivals, events and other attractions around the country. ABCNEWS.com (Internet Archive cache)


    The True Price Of Auto Labor Costs - While UAW is blamed for Detroit's troubles, comparison to wages paid by foreign carmakers isn't the whole story. CBSNews.com (12/19/08)

    Whine Dealers - Examines Internet complaint sites for angry consumers. ABCNEWS.com (6/13/00)(Internet Archive cache)

    XFL Debuts: Gaudier, More Violent, and Did We Mention Sexy Cheerleaders? - Discussion on premiere football league, interviews with advertising executives about new venture's prospects for its backers, NBC and WWF. ABCNEWS.com (2/02/01) Internet Archive cache

    Book Reviews

    Airline: Identity, Design and Culture by Keith Lovegrove, exploring changes in commercial airline style and fashion. ABCNEWS.com (12/07/00)

    The Water In Between by Kevin Patterson, about his solo sailing trip across the Pacific Ocean. ABCNEWS.com (8/08/00) (Internet Archive cache)

    Sydney: The Story of a City by Geoffrey Moorhouse, exploring the renowned metropolis and harbor that epitomize Australia's character and culture. ABCNEWS.com (6/06/00) (Internet Archive cache)

    Book Review Index – Most links on this Archive.org cache copy of the ABCNews.com "Travel By the Book" Index dating from 2000 work, to other archive.org cache files, though font formatting and some images do not display properly.


    Come to Papa - Travel author and Monty Python alumnus Michael Palin discusses walking in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway. ABCNEWS.com (4/25/00) (Internet Archive cache)

    Wandering Eyes: A Perilous Life on the Volga - Interview with photojournalist Seamus Murphy, discussing the lives of caviar poachers in Kalmykia, as well as working in war zones. ABCNEWS.com (6/23/00) (Internet Archive cache)


    Historical Notes: An actors' feud that ended in a massacre - The tale of the Astor Place Opera House debacle in 1849 and the production of MacBeth that cost more American lives than the Battle of New Orleans. The Independent (UK) (4/10/99) (pdf)

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